ZDF crime series: “Munich Murder” case penned by Marcus Mittermeier

ZDF crime series
“Munich Murder” case penned by Marcus Mittermeier

Marcus Mittermeier as Chief Inspector Harald Neuhauser during the shooting of the 20th film in the ZDF crime series “Munich Murder”. photo

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“Through the eyes of an actor”: TV investigator Marcus Mittermeier wrote the screenplay for the 20th episode of “Munich Murder”.

For around ten years Marcus Mittermeier, a TV inspector for “Munich Murder” – now he has also written a screenplay for the ZDF crime series for the first time. Filming for the 20th case “The Indian Method” has just been completed.

“The idea for the book came to me five or six years ago,” recalled Mittermeier, alias Chief Inspector Harald Neuhauser, in a PR interview with the production. He didn’t just plan an anniversary episode. “I was also looking for an idea to develop the three investigators a bit further,” said the 53-year-old, who directed the movie “Muxmäuschenstill” in 2004.

Round off the arch

The broadcaster and producer gratefully accepted the idea, and it was also well received by colleagues, says Mittermeier. “But since I’m not a professional screenwriter, it took a while to turn the idea into a usable screenplay. From my point of view, it has now become an interim conclusion as to how to complete the arc that we’ve walked over ten years with the 20th Rounds out the episode. That makes me happy.”

Director Matthias Kiefersauer, who shot around half a dozen “Munich Murder” cases, is full of praise because Mittermeier wrote the book “with the eyes of an actor”. “He knows the characters incredibly well. And so “The Indian Method” is an actor’s episode where every character that came along was happy because they had something to play. Everyone, without exception, had fun at work . A screenplay is a working basis for people who are artists themselves. It would be wasted if you didn’t use it.”

The episode “The Indian Method” is about the death of a boarding school student. A fictitious memorial was set up in the Pater Rupert Mayer school center in Pullach for the shooting – with candles, cuddly toys and letters on which “Why” and “Rest in Peace” are written. Commissioner Flierl (Bernadette Heerwagen) and Commissioner Neuhauser disagree on whom to arrest. Later they roll their colleague Schaller (Alexander Held) to the car on a sack truck and are caught by the director.

One can be curious – also on the broadcast date. It is not expected until the end of 2024 at the earliest. First of all, the 17th film in the high-rating series will be shown next, probably on October 14th at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF. The episode is called “The Good Man from Herzogpark”.


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