Young baker from Franconian Switzerland: 21 hours of work a day – Bavaria

When it’s said again that young people are lazy and spoiled, they can’t mean someone like Nick Deinlein. The young baker from Franconian Switzerland works from morning to night – and loves his rural home. On the road with someone who likes to lend a hand.

It’s quiet at the sales counter in the Müller bakery in Obertrubach on this Tuesday morning – the shop bell rarely rings. Things are even more hectic in the bakery: sacks of flour weighing 30 kilograms are hoisted onto shoulders, pieces of dough are pulled and twisted. Nick Deinlein, 19, has been baking crispy sticks with bacon since half past one in the morning. The room smells of fresh bread and yeast, of sweat and work. In an hour he will be finished with his day’s work in the bakery. While others collapse into bed after a nine-hour shift, he gets into his family’s car. His workday continues.

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