Yes word on the dung heap: Oberpframmern celebrates beggar wedding – Ebersberg

Apollonia Auguste Böshart and Vitus Scherm had to wait 87 years for this day, and on Saturday the time had finally come: the couple tied the knot in Oberpframmern – on a dung heap. Of course, no normal wedding was celebrated here, but a tradition was revived that last existed in the community 87 years ago: the begging wedding. The local lads’ association organized this event to give the local carnival new impetus – and it was more than successful. Numerous visitors did not want to miss the spectacle at the weekend.

The beggar or peasant wedding goes back to an old tradition of servants and ordinary citizens who could not afford to attend carnival balls and therefore celebrated their own festival. In addition to the wedding ceremony on the dung heap, there is another curiosity: the roles of women and men are reversed, which is also reflected in the clothing. And so the gentlemen squeezed into smart Dirndl dresses, while the ladies appeared in suits and hats at the unusual wedding.

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