With Skwad, anyone can become an influencer and get paid

What if your social networks brought you some money? The mobile app Skwad, formerly The Social Race, a young company from Montpellier (Hérault), offers Internet users, even those who have very few subscribers, the opportunity to become influencers, by highlighting, on their profiles, brands or events. Enough to constitute, for the most agile on social networks, an additional income.

“I worked for ten years at Fise, the International Festival of Extreme Sports, in Montpellier, explains to 20 minutes Pierre Adrien Giroguy, the founder of Skwad. During a campaign for a client, I had to bring in a “mega influencer”. And I really regretted not being able to campaign with the 2,000 Fise athletes. I couldn’t find any solution capable of activating these 2,000 athletes with one click. It didn’t exist. This platform, he therefore created it, with his brother, Jean-Baptiste.

“There is no minimum number of followers to have”

On Skwad, any user of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks can register, for free. He then has the possibility, as he wishes, to contribute to a campaign, by publishing one or more posts, according to customer requests. Sometimes it is enough to publish photos, already provided, and sometimes you have to take your own shots, by going to shops, for example. “There is no minimum number of followers to have, it is this point that is important to us at Skwad, continues the founder of the company. We are all someone’s influencer. We can recommend a brand of detergent rather than another, a car, etc., to our family, our friends or our colleagues. We all have influence, even if we don’t realize it. This is what we wanted to highlight with our platform. »

Because in this company, hosted at the Cap Omega incubator, “we do not find ourselves among the influencers popularized by reality TV, who live in Dubai, confides Pierre Adrien Giroguy. For us, influencers are my sister, my brother, my colleague. And the impact, assures the entrepreneur, is much greater when it comes to a loved one.

The posts of “nano-influencers” who use the platform are scrutinized by the Skwad team, which assigns them a rating (0, 1, 2 or 3 stars). This rating, which rewards the quality and relevance of the post, as well as the number of likes, comments and shares, is used to calculate the influencer’s financial reward. Remuneration starts at “a few cents”. “And we have an influencer who earned more than 17,000 euros last year,” says Pierre Adrien Giroguy. For brands, it’s cheaper than calling on a reality TV giant. “For a shop, it starts at 150 euros per month,” notes the entrepreneur. And with small influencers, there is no risk of bad buzz. With a reality TV candidate, it’s less certain.

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