Weisswurst breakfast in Munich: Where to get the best white sausages – Munich

Judging by current nutritional trends, pretty much everything that can only be wrong about the white sausage is wrong: it’s incredibly fatty, it’s made of meat – bad for the heart, bad for the figure, bad for the climate. And it is accompanied by a load of white flour carbohydrates in pretzel form.

The white sausage breakfast is not one for a clear conscience. It’s one to enjoy. Enjoyment while eating is very healthy, and the white sausage breakfast also offers an incomparably good basis for one or two beers. Fat lubricates the stomach, the pretzels absorb the alcohol.

Of course, a few white sausages can be prepared quickly at home. But if you’d rather eat out, the following places to go for the breakfast classic are recommended.

Großmarkthalle restaurant

While some Munich residents like to boast that they have never been to the P1 (Schickis) or the Hofbräuhaus (Touris), a Munich resident who has never been to the Großmarkthalle restaurant will try to keep this quiet. First and foremost it is the institution when it comes to white sausage, secondly it is the institution for sausage in general. Connoisseurs say that they go to “Wallner” to eat a white sausage, which is the name of the innkeeper.

Of course, the sausages come from our own production in the cellar. A Munich original in Sendling, with wood paneling and vaulted ceilings, simple, beautiful and traditional.

Großmarkthalle restaurantKochelseestraße 13, 81371 Munich, 089/764531

Marktstüberl butcher shop Gaßner

Not far from the Weisswurst Pope, see above, the butcher Gaßner resides on the grounds of the Viehhof, also firmly rooted in the city in more than 80 years of tradition. Behind the butcher shop and shop there is a small parlor with a rustic terrace: Here you can find daily menus on which you can sometimes find old Munich dishes such as veal head, and of course there are also the white sausages here, which Gaßner is proud of. Rightly so. However, the Markstüberl is only open during the week. A long weekend breakfast is in order elsewhere.

Marktstüberl butcher shop Gaßner, Zenettistraße 11 im Viehhof, 80337 Munich, 089/7461410

Augustinian breweries

The brick building of the Augustiner Bräustuben is a feast for the eyes on the otherwise aesthetically neglected Landsberger Straße. And anyone who goes into the room of the oldest brewery in Munich will also feel good for their stomach. Here, Munich traditions are maintained without much fuss, which of course also includes the Weißwurst – which, however, is served until 1 p.m. She often has to endure the twelve o’clock ringing here.

On the other hand, hardly any innkeeper sticks to the white sausage twelve o’clock rule anymore. Life and work have become more flexible over the years, and the white sausage has also adapted to the circumstances. Not visible from the outside is the cute little roof terrace on the brick building, which is a particularly nice spot for a Bavarian breakfast when the weather is nice.

Augustinian breweriesLandsberger Straße 19, 80339 Munich, 089/507047


Between tradition and tourist madness: the Munich Hofbräuhaus.

(Photo: Felix Hörhager/dpa)

The Hofbräuhaus is the inn that probably comes closest to the Wiesn feeling with its mix of old Munich tradition and tourist madness. Eating white sausage is particularly fun here when you watch the tourists at the next table with a mixture of pity and disgust as they order more ketchup and then eat the sausage with the skin on. Or, if you are a nicer person, if you want to show visitors how to properly make white sausage and pass on the cultural heritage of Zuzeln.

HofbräuhausPlatzl 9, 80331 Munich, 089/290136100

Imperial Garden

Mix a pub beer garden with the usual Schwabing clichés – and the result is the Kaisergarten. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. It just means that there are a lot of sunglasses on the tables next to Spritz glasses in summer. It sits very nicely in the shady green pub garden, and the interior with its arched windows and floorboards would be an eye-catcher even without the tasteful furnishings and industrial design lamps.

Of course, the weekend breakfast menu also includes white sausages, as befits a pub. And if the companion isn’t a fan of the traditional Bavarian breakfast, they could instead order, for example, a white flour-free spelled bread with avocado and vegan feta.

Imperial GardenKaiserstraße 34, 80801 Munich, 089/34020203

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