Weird Animals: From the Frogmouth Bird to the Albino Mole

Anyone who sees unicorns rising out of the ocean in the middle of the day probably has all their wits about them. Because in the Arctic there are actually whales that have extremely long tusks and are therefore reminiscent of the famous mythical animals.

In any case, the sea is home to some of the strangest creatures on earth. Some time ago, for example, the so-called “Dumbo octopus” caused a stir, so called because its appearance is reminiscent of the Disney character Dumbo, the elephant from the cartoon.

Anyone looking for strange creatures will definitely find what they are looking for among insects. Some look so whimsical that you wouldn’t even recognize them as animals at first.

There are also strange animals in Germany

Many amphibians also have very extreme shapes and colors. But there is also a bird that looks a bit like a frog and is also called “Froschmaul”. To see such an animal in the wild, you have to go as far as Sri Lanka or India.

But here, too, the animal world is exciting and mysterious. And sometimes even everyday creatures look like they come from a spirit world. Again and again, for example, there are reports from garden owners in Germany who find albino moles. Such animals are rare and look a bit like little polar bears.

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