Weapons Confiscated: Did Reservists Form Military Sports Groups?

Status: 10.09.2021 5:03 p.m.

The public prosecutor’s office in Lüneburg is investigating Bundeswehr reservists. They are said to have formed an armed right-wing extremist group. Weapons and ammunition were confiscated during a raid in three federal states.

After a raid in three federal states, the public prosecutor’s office in Lüneburg is investigating Bundeswehr reservists who are said to have formed a right-wing extremist and armed group. Previously, the police had searched several objects of suspected right-wing extremists in Lower Saxony, Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia in a large-scale operation, as the “Spiegel” first reported. The prosecution did not give the exact locations.

Nine suspects – including six reservists

According to a spokesman for the Lüneburg public prosecutor’s office, it is a matter of suspicion of the formation of a “right-wing extremist military sports group”. There are a total of nine accused, including six reservists. There were searches of seven suspects, including four reservists.

The Ministry of Defense said the investigation was known, but referred to civil law enforcement agencies. It remained unconfirmed that civilian employees included employees of a security company commissioned by the Bundeswehr and a firefighter.

Weapons, weapon parts and ammunition found

According to the spokesman, the officials found weapons, weapon parts and ammunition. A “not insignificant proportion” of the weapons must first be assessed. The criminal relevance of the weapons and ammunition found must be examined. There were no arrests, the suspects are male and 37 to 53 years old.

The investigation is conducted by the public prosecutor’s office in Lüneburg; the authorities did not provide any more detailed information on the locations of the search measures or the suspects.

The unauthorized formation of an armed group is prohibited in Germany. According to the Criminal Code, there is a risk of a fine or up to two years in prison.

Pistorius: Vigilance is necessary

The Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior reported on the investigations and searches on Thursday. Almost 200 police officers were on duty and had confiscated “objects of relevance to evidence”.

“We are doing everything in our power not to leave an inch of space for this scene,” said Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD). This is all the more true if there is a suspicion that the suspects may have armed themselves. The procedure shows that vigilance is necessary: ​​”We are prepared for this and will continue to react immediately with everything that is available to us, particularly in the police repertoire.”

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