Watching TV via FritzBox: converting a WiFi router into a TV distributor

You just have to install and start the FritzApp TV. If you are on the same WLAN as the FritzBox Cable with the TV streaming option activated, then you don’t have to set anything up. You will automatically be taken to the overview page with stylish station logos. By the way, streaming only works with unencrypted TV channels.

Simply select a channel and you can start watching TV. You can quickly switch to other channels on the right-hand side or return to the overview using the menu at the top. Of course, full-screen playback is also possible; you can display information about the current program at the bottom.

The favorites list is also practical, where you can store your favorite channels and sort them according to your taste. In addition to the channel logos, you can also view an EPG in the overview, where AVM has improved the stability with the last update.

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