Vinyl: lacquer look ensures a shiny transition

Lacquer look ensures a shiny transition

Vinyl is the perfect transitional material.

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Vinyl is a fashion challenge for many. The shiny material has the potential to bring us into spring in style.

Vinyl is a material that is not for everyone. Usually only experienced fashionistas dare to try the patent leather look. It doesn’t have to be like that. After all, all kinds of vinyl were seen at the fashion weeks in Paris and Milan, which are finally getting busy again this season. Especially now in the transitional period, the material is a brilliant companion.

From coat to pants

An eye-catcher is certainly the vinyl coat, how to use it on the runways at Paris Fashion Week, for example often saw. A model in subtle black might be recommended for beginners, although the shiny look is actually striking in any color. Whether in black or green, the vinyl coat will keep us dry through uncomfortable sleet or rainy days. Cut figure-hugging over a dress or narrow trousers, the coat looks very feminine.

If you don’t (yet) dare to wear a long coat in this trendy material, you can try loose-fitting trousers. If you combine these with simple basics, such as a wide sweatshirt or cotton shirt, the casual look is perfect. A leather jacket with a shiny look is ideal for warm and, above all, dry weather. Add a pair of chinos and subtle sneakers and you have a casual outfit with that certain something.

Important: The vinyl look lives from the material mix – lacquer alone quickly gives rise to “matrix” feelings.


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