Video: Infantino feels like a “migrant worker” and “gay”

STORY: NOTE. This post is available without additional narration: Gianni Infantino, FIFA boss: “I have very strong feelings today, I can tell you that. Today I feel Qatari, today I feel Arabic, today I feel African, today I feel me homosexual, today I feel disabled, today I feel like a migrant worker.” – CUT – “FIFA is not the United Nations or the world police force or the blue helmets. The only weapon we have is this, the ball. And we have to try to engage with it, explain it and get results with it. And if I have to take some criticism – or a lot of criticism – as a result of our actions, and on the other hand as a consequence, for example, a few hundred thousand workers in Qatar or a few thousand or a hundred thousand women in Iran are a little bit happier because they are higher If they can get salaries or watch football, which is their passion, then I take all the criticism on myself.”


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