Upper Franconia: Reichsbürger attacks police officers with iron bars – Bavaria

Last Thursday, the police in Upper Franconia executed arrest warrants against two people from the “Reichsbürger” scene. It is a couple from the district of Lichtenfels. As the police announced on Wednesday, the 59-year-old man attacked officials with an iron bar when he was arrested in Weidhausen near Coburg. It was only thanks to her quick reaction that he was quickly disarmed and arrested without serious injuries.

According to the police, the man – just like the 50-year-old woman – had openly shown his “consistent rejection of the state order” in the past. The authorities made the attribution to the “Reichsbürger” scene based on the content of letters in reply to demands for fines. The woman, as a legal guardian, had previously not paid bills for violating compulsory schooling, and the man ignored civil claims from the authorities.

This ultimately led to the arrest warrants, which a police spokesman described as the “ultima ratio”. However, the two accused did not have to go to prison because they finally paid the outstanding five-digit amount. However, the police state protection is now investigating the man for attempted dangerous bodily harm and physical assault on law enforcement officials.

The Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution counted 5,360 people in the Free State for the “Reichsbürger” scene, a new high.

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