Two spouses each earn 1.8 million euros on the same day

Last mid-April, luck decided to knock on the door of a couple from Vénissieux, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, despite the initiative taken by one of the spouses. Both regularly played the same combination in an FDJ drawing game until the day the man decided to change a number. An audacity which did not prevent the spouses from each winning the jackpot.

On April 18, two spouses went to validate their Keno grids at their usual retailer in Vénissieux. If everyone makes their own grid, the combination of ten numbers is the same. Or almost. Because recently, the gentleman decided to replace the number 9 with 29, who knows why?

A difference that paid off

Except that in this game, you have to have ten correct numbers out of the twenty that are drawn and, despite the small difference between the two grids, the two spouses were a hit and each won 1.8 million euros. We are not going to calculate the probability of this happening, but they were as happy as they were surprised, especially since they were not together at the time of the draw.

With nearly four million euros in their pocket, both will gradually stop working. According to their declarations to the FDJ, the spouses wish to devote part of their earnings to the creation of a association working for sick children.

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