Two fuel oil pollution of rivers this weekend

The installation of dams made it possible to contain pollution. Sunday morning, around fifteen firefighters from Loire-Atlantique intervened in the town of Saint-Etienne-de-Montluc. The cause: some 1,500 liters of domestic fuel oil had spilled into a rack. Pumping operations were initiated.

The day before, a strong odor reported on Saturday afternoon in Saint-Hermine (Vendée) mobilized a team of firefighters specializing in chemical risks, coming from three municipalities in the sector. But the damage was already partly done, report firefighters from the departmental fire and rescue service (Sdis).

In fact, “5,000 liters of fuel oil from a tank containing 50,000 liters spilled into the watercourse which itself flows into the La Smagne river,” indicates Sdis. The leak was identified and stopped.

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