training center, transfers, agents… supporter groups detail their accusations against Longoria

Several groups of Marseille supporters (Fanatics, MTP, South Winners, Friends of OM, Dodgers, Handi Club OM) published a joint press release in which they detailed their grievances against Pablo Longoria and the management. According to them, these are the criticisms which were made during the famous explosive meeting of Monday September 18.

It’s their turn to speak. After Pablo Longoria’s long explanations in the columns of La Provence, several groups of Marseille supporters published a joint press release this Thursday, three days after the famous explosive meeting with the Olympian staff.

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In this press release signed by the Fanatics, MTP, the South Winners, the Friends of OM, the Dodgers and the Handi Club OM, the different groups of supporters detail the criticisms that were made to Pablo Longoria and the state- mahor Olympian Monday evening. According to supporters, the following were discussed:

– “The reason for the termination of contracts of 36 players from the training center, all of Marseille origin, since June 2023”

– “The oppressive influence that would be exercised by certain agents towards young professional contracts”

– “The silence maintained on the reasons which led the management of OM to reject historic professional players”

– “Dissatisfaction of supporters with the increase in the price of the subscription justified only by a probable qualification for the Champions League”

– “The recurring presence of certain companies in numerous transfers within the club”

– “Countless changes of coach necessarily causing instability in the team”

“We must not confuse intimidation and defense of the interests of our players and our colors”

As Rachid Zeroual (South Winners) and Christian Cataldo (Dodgers) had already done to AFP on Wednesday evening, the supporter groups deny any death threats or threats of violence during this meeting.

“Our dissatisfaction follows the overwhelming testimony of parents of children playing at the training center, the press release further details. They described questionable supervision methods which would have been put in place by the new management team of the Campus, in particular, and without this list being exhaustive: the deficiency of the training center forcing parents to finance by themselves the textile equipment of the young girls or the meal trays for the latter when traveling, degrading punitive sanctions which would have been inflicted on the women’s section.”

“We can no longer remain silent: we must not confuse intimidation with defense of the interests of our players and our colors, continue the different groups of supporters. Our cry of alarm in the face of the worrying abuses denounced in particular by the players of the center of training and their families cannot be used as a pretext for the possible resignation of the management team which does not seem to want to face its responsibilities. The groups of supporters are an integral part of the history of the Club. We would like to thank all the people who recognize our work, who support us and who continue to do so.”

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