Traffic: Almost 300 km/h on the A93 – drivers race away from the police

Almost 300 km/h on the A93 – drivers race away from the police

The police couldn’t be shaken off by a speeder on the freeway. Photo: Stefan Sauer/dpa

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A driver really pushes the tube on the Autobahn near Rosenheim. The police caught him anyway – just before the border with Austria. His statement.

At a speed of almost 300 kilometers per hour, a driver evaded control on the A93 near Rosenheim (Bavaria), according to the police.

When officials wanted to check him on Autobahn 8 on Thursday, the 48-year-old initially accelerated to around 220 km/h, the police said on Friday. Only 120 are allowed there. Shortly thereafter, the man switched to the A93 towards Kufstein and raced through an 80 km/h zone there. According to the police, he then accelerated to almost 300 km/h – with the permitted 130. Officials caught him just before the border with Austria.

The statement of the 48-year-old: He just bought the Audi in Germany and wanted to bring it to Italy. He didn’t notice the police patrol and “just wanted to test his new car”. He was aware that he was ignoring traffic signs and could not deny the fact, police said. “He saw his mistake.” Nevertheless, investigations are being carried out against him – because of an illegal motor vehicle race. He had to continue his journey towards Italy by train.


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