towards the same eleven in the final for Les Bleues against Spain

The probable composition of the Blues, without change

We are heading towards the same starting eleven for the Blues as in the semi-final.

The probable eleven of the France team: Peyraud-Magnin – De Almeida, Lakrar, Mbock, Karchaoui – Henry, Geyoro, Bacha, Diani – Katoto, Le Sommer.


End of the press conference of Le Sommer and Renard

It’s over for this press conference of the France team before the final of the first Women’s Nations League against Spain.

Putellas starting against Les Bleues?

“No lo se”, replied Eugénie Le Sommer with a smile. A sentence that can be translated as I don’t know. If he started to respond in English before composing himself, Hervé Renard was not much more verbose on the return or not of Alexia Putellas against France.

“I’m not the coach of the Spain team, I can’t know. I’m already going to look at my starting eleven,” slipped the Blue coach. “On the 24th player who will not be in the group, it is not easy to make decisions because my players are perfect. Meet one hour before the match for the team composition.”

Hervé Renard on his goalkeepers

“I think it’s important to establish a certain competition. The replacement players will say that there is never enough. But it’s an area of ​​progress. Pauline Payraud-Magnin has had a string of great performances on her last matches and they will start on Wednesday.”

Le Sommer on Amandine Henry’s 100th with the Blues

“We knew that she was going to make her 100th selection and it’s symbolic. When we say of a player that he or she has 100 selections it immediately speaks for itself. I’m happy for her and it’s an important step. Compared to her goal against Barcelona (in the C1 final in 2022), I remember the last time that Amandine Henry played against the Spanish and I have very good memories of it . I hope she will have the same inspiration on Wednesday. In any case, she is a player who has the same role as before. She is a leader and an executive of the team. She was able to find her place again and It’s going well. This is the Amandine I know.”

Le Sommer on the attack of the Bleues

“The question of complementarity may arise but we have a very good attack. Diani and Katoto are very efficient. It’s true that I haven’t played much with Marie-Antoinette but we try to find each other on the pitch, to talk to each other and complement each other. It’s a relationship that is built. We try to do as much as possible to help the team. The most important thing is to be decisive and to help be decisive. We have areas for improvement and we can help each other even more on the ground.”

Hervé Renard on his analytical work

“We have worked on their matches, we have to dissect them. We have to have the means to counter their strong points. We have to succeed in putting into practice what we have identified. We must first be strong in the head and have confidence in your strengths.”

Hervé Renard on Salma Paralluelo

“She has the power, the speed and the left foot. We have Le Sommer or also Katoto. I concentrate on the opponent but especially on my team.”

Hervé Renard on the upcoming talk

“We had a superb outing along the river in Seville, it allows you to relax and feel good in your head and body. We don’t play on Wednesday, the girls are fitter than us and younger. They know what awaits them on Wednesday. My speech will be classic. The important thing is to be there. You have to be happy to be there, you have to have cohesion and be united to beat the big teams. It’s not an easy task but we will try to make this match difficult for the Spanish team.”

Sommer on a final like Lyon-Barça

“A lot of Barcelona players in this Spain team but I think it will be a different match and there is a mix of clubs. Their style of play is the same and Lyon’s style is a bit the same as that of Lyon. “France team. I don’t really know what to expect. If I think back to the matches against Barça, you have to be patient and accept not having the ball. You have to win and it doesn’t matter how it is in football. “

Hervé Renard on this final against Spain

“We are aware of facing the first team in the FIFA rankings and reigning world champions. It’s a huge challenge to take on. We’d rather have to take it on than watch it on TV. We have a lot of qualities, believe in ourselves. These kinds of matches are decided on details, on tactical rigor. We will have to be concentrated on all the set phases. We play football for this adrenaline, we must not be afraid of it. We must have a desire crazy to beat the opponent.”

Le Sommer on the finals experience

“Many girls have played finals for club or selection even if it was not with the A’s. I don’t feel the group is any different compared to the fact that it’s a final. We’ll see on Wednesday but now we’re preparing as if it were a decisive match like any other. Even if we didn’t play a final with the A, I played a lot of them with my club. Other players did it among the youth. It’s not not a World Cup final with the A’s but there is a certain experience in this team that we sometimes forget.”

Sommer on the glass ceiling broken by the Bleues

“More liberated, I don’t know, but I felt a lot of joy and pride. We’re making history because it’s the first final for the French team. We’re conscious and very happy with that. Now, as we said, we came to win. Being in the final brings us closer to this goal but I feel confident. We have been told a lot about this glass ceiling but I don’t worry about it, that doesn’t The youth teams have won a lot, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen among the A’s. Many teams are chasing a title among the boys and girls despite having very good teams, there’s only “only one winner. It’s sport. We have to continue working and believing in it. As long as we don’t succeed, we won’t give up. This final is a first step towards what ‘we came to get it.’

Hervé Renard on the development of women’s football

“I have not been in this world for long and I have a slightly different perspective. I find that things are progressing. Maybe not at the pace that the players, the management and the federations would like, but things are progressing. There has a lot of resources that are implemented. The fact that Spain is world champion, I think that the country is grateful to the team and it will grow. I am convinced that on Wednesday there will be a huge support for the Spanish team. This involves marketing, communication and attractive stadiums. All this is part of the package which must make this women’s football more and more attractive.”

Le Sommer on Spanish football and its development

“Not easy to answer. We also try to fill our stadium when we play at home. We broke the record at home for a non-World Cup match, we were happy but we would like there to be even more world. It’s a bit the same for Spain, we need to promote women’s football, we need to encourage young girls. In France, as in Spain, we have a family audience and we need to do even more advertising and promotion. We need to increase resources to promote these matches. I hope there will be people at the stadium on Wednesday.”

Hervé Renard on the physical state of his players

“They were tired because they gave everything. It’s good fatigue when you win. We had time to recover. The players are ready, we have 23 players and match management will be important. The substitutes have a important responsibility and this is often where the difference can be made.”

Hervé Renard on Spain and Bonmati

“Spain were world champions in a deserved way. They are the ones who played the most beautiful football and it is fair that they are world champions. They are a team which scores a lot of goals but which also takes a lot so we will have to play on our weaknesses. Like every team, there are strong points and weak points. But to summarize, Spain has more strong points than weak points. It is a formidable collective . Aitana is a remarkable player but above all it is a collective.”

Le Sommer on how to stop Spain and Bonmati

“I’m not going to say what we have prepared. We know that they are a quality team but we analyzed it. We analyzed our match against Germany and we have a lot of resources to play this match . We know what we can do. Of course Spain has very good players including Aitana Bonmati. She is the Golden Ball, she is the best player in the world currently but I think that Spain has a collective. We have to focus on ourselves and we have to put in all the necessary ingredients.”

Hervé Renard on the style of Les Bleues against Spain

“Possession is good when it is effective. Against Italy you had 70% possession but Italy won. The important thing is the winner in the end.”

Eugénie Le Sommer on the importance of the Nations League and a possible trophy

“I consider it an important competition. It’s a bit new so I think people may still have a hard time realizing what it is. But for me it’s a title, it’s “It’s a competition. For me, the team that wins is European champion so it’s an important title. So we measure the importance of this competition and winning this title on Wednesday.”

Hervé Renard on finals and the mental springs to use

“I think the first thing is that you have to be happy to be there. It’s always a huge chance to participate in a final, whatever the competition. It’s a bit of a special moment for the “French women’s team so you have to savor it. You shouldn’t put off until tomorrow what you can do the same day. So concentration, determination and self-confidence.”

Hervé Renard and Le Sommet will arrive

A little more patience before the arrival of Eugénie Le Sommer and Hervé Renard for this press conference on the eve of the Women’s Nations League final between France and Spain.

A great program for the Blues this Wednesday

The match between France and Spain will take place this Wednesday at the Cartuja stadium in Seville. The last time Les Bleues faced La Roja was in 2019.

The Tricolores won (2-0) but since then things have changed and the Spanish will be favorites in this final where the performance of the last winner of the Ballon d’Or Aitana Bonmati will be closely followed.

Geyoro and the ambitious Blues

After a great victory against Germany by Alexandra Popp and Giulia Gwinn (2-1), the Blues may have broken a curse against the German rival. But this Wednesday, Grace Geyoro’s partners dream of the title and nothing else.

“We are enjoying this final, but we tell ourselves that we don’t just want to participate in it,” commented the PSG and France midfielder after the semi-final. “We want to finish the job in Spain. We have learned a lot too, failures mean that at a given moment, we have to learn. We have to move forward, question ourselves. We must no longer accept defeat and go for a title .”

Hello everyone,

From 4 p.m., Hervé Renard and Eugénie Le Sommer will appear before the press on the eve of the Nations League final between France and Spain.

In search of a first major coronation, for the first edition of this competition for women, the Blues will have a lot to do against the Spanish, reigning world champions.

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