“Today, to break into music, you have to bring something new,” says Mary Milton

In blind auditions and battles, Mary Milton’s performances took your breath away. The energetic Cannoise distinguished herself on resolutely pop titles, signed Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj for the first and Christina Aguilera for the second.

In the running for the cross battles this Saturday evening, Amel Bent’s protege “will show a new facet of her personality”. With a ballad. Just before the broadcast of this crucial stage of the adventure The Voicethe 25-year-old singer, native of Evreux, confided in 20 minutes. On his journey to get here, and his aspirations, for the future.

You have been trying the castings for “The Voice” for a long time. And this year, through hard work, it paid off…

Yes, I was taken after five years of failure. Five years ago, I ended up at Diamond school [une école des arts de la scène à Cannes] where I am now coached three times a week. At the same time, I obtained a Bac + 2 in commerce. My parents encouraged me to have a background, they always supported me but also warned me that music was very uncertain and they are right. Since the summer, I have been performing intermittently and I have been performing, in hotels in particular, with my darling, who sings and plays the guitar.

Julien Thisse, your companion, is a former candidate for the show. What advice did he give you?

To be 100% myself and have fun. Me, I’m here for the love of music, not at all for the competition. All the more so I became very attached to other talents. We shot between December and February, when the epidemic peaked. [de Covid-19]. We were put in a sanitary bubble at the hotel and we created very strong bonds. The coaches told us that we were in a very special edition this year. And that’s also why you see me cry a lot. I am hypersensitive, but there, in addition, I lose friends. During the battles, I was facing Ambriel who is in the same school as me. It really wasn’t the best time. I carry them with me.

This Saturday evening, for the cross battles, what should we expect?

I completely change register. We will see another side of me, of my personality, with a ballad. I will fall against the Vianney team. It will be very emotional, with still a lot of tears. Usually, I like what moves a lot, what is in the energy. But, I’m happy that the public can also see what else I can offer.

Your credo is above all pop music? With what inspiration?

Yes. But I really grew up with soul, jazz, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, and big American voices. Today, for the compositions, I draw a lot of inspiration from Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Doja Cat in particular.

Exactly, you are working on your first titles…

I’m working on my first single, which should be out soon after the show, with Universal. He will be called Confy and the clip has already been shot. I’m also working on an EP.

To make a career in music, participating in a program like “The Voice”, is it a must in your opinion?

It gives enormous visibility, a real boost. It is a springboard. But that’s not all. In any case, I am well aware that you have to work non-stop to be able to release your projects. It’s true that it’s less easy than before, you have to bring a new concept, something that you don’t necessarily see, to break through. You have to be present on social networks, create a community. I try, little by little. But I am really aware of the notion of work after having spent 5 years struggling. Today I manage to make a living from music thanks to the performances I do, but I would obviously like to be able to reach more people.

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