Tiktok: Nine-year-old steals the show at school play (video)

Watch the video: School play in the USA – 9-year-old steals the show with his funny moves.

Nine-year-old Tripp wows audiences with a dance performance at his elementary school’s performance.

Ralls County Elementary School in Missouri hosts a performance in which students perform choreography.

The teacher also gives the children time to show their own dance steps. Third grader Tripp uses this opportunity and presents his cool moves, guided by the music.

His mother Lindsey films his performance and puts it online. Tripp is an extraordinary boy with a great personality, she reports. You can see this in the video.

At home, too, Tripp is a passionate dancer who likes to follow one or two viral trends with his family.

On the Internet, Tripp quickly becomes a small star. She also shares the video with the accompanying text “When your son unpacks his steps in front of the whole school” on the social media app Tiktok.

There it is viewed more than eight million times – more than eight thousand people comment on its appearance.

Even actor Kevin Bacon, who made his breakthrough in 1984 with the dance film “Footloose”, comments on the video.

Become famous on Tiktok – a dream of the nine-year-old that has now come true.

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