Three dead, six missing in hydroelectric plant explosion

Six people are missing, three are dead and three are injured. This is the result of the explosion at a hydroelectric power station in central Italy on Tuesday afternoon, the Bologna prefecture told AFP.

The prefecture of the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region reported “twelve people concerned” after the incident which occurred in this establishment operated by the energy giant Enel on the artificial water reservoir of Suviana, located in the small town from Camugnano.

A fire caused the explosion

The Italian group Enel Green Power, a subsidiary specializing in renewable energies of Enel, indicates in a press release published by local media that “a fire broke out and affected a transformer of the hydroelectric plant”, assuring that “all security measures” were quickly activated in order to allow “proper evacuation of personnel” on site.

An Enel spokesperson then clarified that the dam was not damaged by the explosion but that energy production was interrupted, without this having an impact on “the electricity supply at local levels and national”.

According to the head of the Bologna fire brigade, Calogero Turturici, interviewed by local television, it is not immediately possible to determine the causes of this accident. The premises where the explosion occurred are partially flooded and filled with smoke and therefore immediately inaccessible, he added. “We are following developments in this affair with concern,” Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani reacted to X.

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