This was the 50th anniversary of Carl Gustaf II’s throne: program, guests, TV broadcast

50 years ago Carl Gustaf came to the throne. No other Swedish monarch has achieved this before him.
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As of: September 17, 2023, 7:20 p.m

Was it a celebration: King Carl Gustaf’s 50th anniversary on the throne was celebrated from Thursday evening to Saturday – a historically unique anniversary. No king has sat on the throne longer in Sweden’s 1,000-year history.

How the Swedes celebrated, which guests arrived and where you can see the celebrations in retrospect: BRISANT has the royal overview.

King Carl Gustaf: Party lasting several days

50 years on the throne – that’s an announcement! When Carl Gustaf ascended the throne in 1973, he was just 27 years old. It wasn’t always easy for him with the people. But Carl Gustaf developed from an awkward young king into a universally respected monarch – and this was celebrated for several days!

Carl Gustaf will ring in his throne anniversary privately with his family on Thursday.
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At the September 14th, the evening before the throne jubilee, Carl Gustaf and Silvia invited people to a private dinner at their residence, Drottningholm Palace on the island of Lovön. Before that there was an anniversary performance by the Royal Swedish Opera in honor of the king.

The anniversary day (September 15th) itself opened with a thanksgiving service and ended with a large banquet in the Stockholm Palace. Royal guests from other royal families were expected on both days.

On Saturday, the 16th September, the royal family then celebrated with the Swedish people: First there was a carriage ride through Stockholm – accompanied by a total of around 3,000 soldiers. In between, Carl Gustaf and Silvia changed means of transport and sailed through Stockholm on the gold-decorated ship “Vasaorden”.

The real highlight for spectators and royal fans was an open-air concert at the foot of the palace.

Which royal guests were there?

Carl Gustaf’s jubilee should be celebrated as close to the people as possible. That’s why there were many public program items from which not only the royal family but also the Swedes benefited. Nevertheless, numerous guests arrived from abroad.

These include the Scandinavian royals from Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway. The three Scandinavian monarchies have a common history and are related to each other.

The Grimaldis around Prince Albert and Charlène of Monaco as well as the British royals with King Charles III, Queen Camilla, Princess Kate and Prince William were conspicuous in their absence.

Albert and Charlène of Monaco are staying away from the throne jubilee. However, they traveled from the principality for Victoria and Daniel’s wedding.
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Where can you watch the celebrations on TV?

You could also watch the Swedes celebrating and cheering from your sofa at home.

In the First as well as about the ARD media library was on 16th September the ceremonial parade through Stockholm live (2:15 p.m. to 3:35 p.m) broadcast – commented by royal family expert Leontine von Schmettow and moderator Susanne Stichler. ARD correspondent Christian Blenker captured the atmosphere live on site. The documentary “50 Years of King: Carl Gustaf of Sweden” Carl Gustaf’s reign is reviewed in the media library.

You can watch the special program in the ZDF media library “ZDF Royal” with presenter Christina v. See Ungern-Sternberg and nobility expert Julia Melchior.

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