The vampire trend, a classy version, ahead of Halloween

The vampire bimbo takes on the codes of grunge and gothic, adding a touch of sophisticated glamour. This modernized look oscillating between sexy and gothic, is inspired by characters like Morticia in The Addams Family, or like Katherine Pierce from Vampire Diaries, and other horror films. This trend was started by internet user Hannah Ejo, who predicted the “vampire bimbo core” as the look of fall.

Dark look, golden rule of the vampire bimbo

Black lace outfits, black nail polish, blood red lips. On the eyes: matte black smokey eye and eyeliner, enhanced with thin, tinted eyebrows, and of course black pencil around the eyes. For the glamorous aspect: a very matte and fairly pale complexion, worked with contouring in order to have a sculpted face effect. This is the perfect beauty outfit for the vampire bimbo. Enough to give a mysterious touch to this look.

As for outfits, black and lace are essential. In a post by mist_and_light, dark tulle clothing, as well as white collared shirts, slit black dresses, leather gloves, and loose black coats are recommended for becoming a vampire bimbo.

The legacy of gothic trends for the year 2023

Ultimately, this vampiric look adds to the myriad of goth looks seen on TikTok as of late. Whether it’s succubus chic, dark side ballet core, or even Shego Makeup, it seems that makeup looks are aligned with the “villain era” (“the era of villains” in French). Indeed, many antagonists from series and films like Shego from the Disney animated series Kim Possible, Poison Ivy in Batman, or even Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, are established as aesthetic models in the world of TikTok.

Furthermore, large black coats, lace and leather gloves had already been spotted on the fall/winter 2023 fashion shows.

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