The prosecutor announces the end of operations in Haut-Vernet

After almost two full weeks of uninterrupted presence of gendarmes and investigators looking for the slightest clue to understand Emile’s death, the public prosecutor Jean-Luc Blachon announced this Wednesday afternoon the end of operations in the area. of excavations in Haut-Vernet (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence).

“These methodical and in-depth research operations undertaken over 45.3 hectares allowed the discovery of several bodily elements and effects belonging to Emile which are currently being assessed by the IRCGN”, indicates the magistrate who obviously no longer hopes for further discoveries as that of the skull, clothing and, most recently, a bone fragment.

“From now on the judicial investigation will continue in the light of the results of the discoveries made and the ongoing expertise with the aim of determining the circumstances of Emile’s death. » For the moment, nothing has yet made it possible to explain the cause of death of the little boy who disappeared on July 8 while he was in the care of his grandparents.

Left without any clue until now, the investigators now have material on which to work. Aside from the discoveries of bones and clothing, criminal identification technicians were also able to model the entire area using drones. But for the moment nothing seems to be able to prove a possible criminal trail and the intense and meticulous searches of recent days seem to tend towards the theory of an accident.

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