the party of Édouard Philippe suspends its merger with the “common house” of the majority

According to the newspaper Le Monde, the party of the former Prime Minister is withdrawing at this stage from the majority coalition. A decision taken after the opposition expressed by Emmanuel Macron to see this party merge with Agir, the party of Franck Riester.

The alliance so dreamed of by Macronie seems to be taking off. Three months after its launch, the Horizons party of Édouard Philippe announces that it will suspend its merger with the “common house” of the majority, according to the newspaper The world.

“Together citizens!”, the meeting of parties supporting the President of the Republic for the election of next April, is deprived of the party of the former Prime Minister of the Head of State three months before the first round .

An opposition from the President of the Republic

Whose fault is it? According to the newspaper, the president of the Agir party – whose executives wanted a merger with Horizons – Franck Riester said he was opposed to this project because Emmanuel Macron would have “asked him not to do it”.

Refusal from the president, response from his former head of government. Gilles Boyer, “Renaissance” MEP and close to the mayor of Le Havre, explained this decision to our colleagues from World: “It was planned that internal mergers would be possible. If at the first opportunity, we contravene the rules that we have set, that means that there are no more rules. And therefore, consequently, we have suspended our participation in the common house of the majority “

“Franck Riester has told us that the President of the Republic does not want this merger to take place when inside the party we are mostly in favor of this merger”, confided Friday evening the deputy Agnès Firmin Le Bodo on BFMTV .

An intervention that displeased the members of these two parties, pushing Agnès Firmin Le Bodo to leave Agir for Horizons: “I will not take back my Agir card, like many of us […] there is no winner in this case”.

Hugues Garnier BFMTV journalist

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