The new album from André 3000 – Culture

The expectations were enormous since André 3000 released his last album 17 years ago Outkast had published. The duo is considered one of the best in hip-hop history, their albums are landmarks, and when you hear “Hey Ya!” says, everyone immediately has André 3000’s Dirty South rap with the beating guitar beats in their ears. So now a flute album. No rap, no singing, no beats. The music is, well, what can you say? The helplessness is great. You can hear sounds for almost an hour and a half. Flutes especially, electric and real, but also synth pads, the metal rustling of big gongs, the tinkling of percussion, the chirping of whistles. What came out under the title “New Blue Sun” (Epic) has no recognizable structure, only eight cryptic sentences as song titles. The first says it all: “I Swear I Wanted To Make A ‘Rap’ Album, But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me.” You need a lot of patience to listen to it.

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