The jogger found in Mayenne heard Friday by investigators to clarify the gray areas

Three days after the events, the conditions of his disappearance remain mysterious. In an attempt to clarify these circumstances, the young 17-year-old jogger found Tuesday in Mayenne after being searched for nearly 24 hours will be heard on Friday by investigators, according to information from the Parisian confirmed this Thursday at LCI.

The young woman, found alive but “in a state of shock”, has been heard only once so far, during her hospitalization. She indicated on this occasion to have been abducted by two people in a green van, a source close to the investigation confirmed to LCI. This time it is a more thorough and more precise hearing.

At this point, all the leads remain on the table, specifies the same source to LCI. Many gray areas remain as to the conditions in which the young girl disappeared while jogging in the Bellebranche forest where she used to go. According to data from the Strava application, which tracks the movements of athletes using GPS data, the young woman ran 1 kilometer on Monday in Saint-Brice against a loop of five kilometers usually. His route stops at the crossroads of three country roads.

Tuesday evening, the prosecution had indicated that the investigations at the place of the facts were reaching their ends. Auditions, requisitions and verifications were carried out to retrace the course of the day of this high school student, who was able to find her family.

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