The government is waiting for two opinions before deciding on unvaccinated caregivers

Will the government reinstate caregivers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 or not? The Minister of Health, François Braun, will decide on this question when he has received the opinions of the High Authority for Health and the National Consultative Ethics Committee, he told the Grand Jury RTL-LCI on Sunday. Le Figaro. “The problem of unvaccinated caregivers is at two levels,” explained the minister, who was asked about this option in the face of the shortage of caregivers in hospitals.

“It is first of all at a level of health security: do we accept that people who are not sufficiently protected are close to the most fragile people? “, he wondered, recalling that” we still die of the Covid in France every day “.

More authorities consulted

And moreover, “there is an ethical problem”, he added, in particular in relation to the caregivers who played the game at the height of the Covid crisis and who “held the line”. To answer the question, “I contacted the High Authority for Health, which is to give me an opinion at the beginning of the year on compulsory vaccines in general”, and “I also contacted the National Advisory Committee of ethics that will also give me an opinion” on the subject, he said. “I will make my decision once I have these two opinions”.

As for the number of carers in question, this concerns “very few doctors” and “1,050 nurses, this is the figure given to me by the president of the Order of Nurses, out of approximately 300,000”, recalled the minister, considering that their reinstatement or not would have little impact on the problem of the shortage of caregivers.

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