The discovery of thousands of graves disrupts a major construction site

There could be “between 1,800 and 3,200”. While an archaeological diagnosis was carried out in the spring under a car park in the city center of Angers, with a view to the extension of the large Toussaint central library, numerous burials were brought to light. According to the town hall, this is an important archaeological discovery since “the results of the analysis concluded that there was a historic site occupied by the cemetery of the poor, who benefited from alms from the Toussaint Abbey between the 11th and 14th centuries.

While they generally allow researchers to better understand the evolution of populations and funeral rites, these discoveries completely disrupt the municipality’s plans. The latter decided to continue the redevelopment project of the library, inaugurated in 1978, but to review its scope, without cutting corners on the initial objectives.

Delivery in 2027

“The plans for the extension must be rethought in this sense by reworking an extension which will limit the impact on the archaeological subsoil”, indicates the town hall, which does not wish to embark on an overly expensive excavation site, estimated at several million additional euros.

The construction schedule will still be postponed, because it will take a year to resume studies and have a new building permit validated. “After more than two and a half years of work, delivery of the library will take place at the end of 2027,” promises the city.

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