the attacker still in police custody, pledged allegiance to ISIS

For Véran, the first elements of the investigation demonstrate “a path” of the author of the attack “in accordance with the law”

The government spokesperson, Olivier Véran, judges that the first elements of the investigation concerning the author of the attack in Paris demonstrate a “medical, administrative and penal course” which is “in accordance with the rule of law” .

“Diagnosed with a psychiatric pathology”, he “respected what the law provides” and was “closely followed by the intelligence services.”

However, “he was able to kill, so that raises the question of how he was killed,” recognizes Oliver Véran, judging that this raises questions about a possible strengthening of the law.

Paris during the Olympics will be the “best secure” place in the world, assures the deputy in charge of sport

The attack in Paris does not change anything regarding the security system for the Olympic Games, assured Pierre Rabadan, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of sport, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, guest of BFM Paris Île-de-France this morning .

“There will be no place in the world more secure than the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” he insisted.

However, “adjustments” could be made, he adds. However, no plan B will be planned during the opening ceremony, given the scale of the exceptional system that will be put in place.

“Safety is very important”: tourists’ reaction in the aftermath of the attack

Shocked but present tourists. The day after the knife attack in Paris, BFMTV went to meet several vacationers present near the Eiffel Tower. Some want to be fatalistic while others express their fears.

“It will always be a tourist destination because of what it can offer and its beauty, but safety is very important,” says a tourist, who emphasizes that if events of this type continue, “we will think a little more before to come to Paris.”

For a Spanish-speaking tourist, security issues are not limited to Paris, but actually concern all major cities.

“For me, it’s not a problem. It’s a big city, and like all big cities, it has its classic security problems. It’s the current geopolitical circumstances that have become complicated,” he says. .

When the suspect in the Paris attack presented himself as a repentant

Who is Armand R.? The first elements on the attacker who killed a German tourist in Paris draw a complex profile, between conversion to Islam, radicalization and condemnation of terrorism.

Upon his release from prison in 2020, where he spent several years for a violent action project in La Défense, he was the subject of monitoring deemed “encouraging” by the competent authorities. According to a source close to the investigation, he condemns Islamist acts. The future attacker even spoke at this time of a “hatred of radical Islam.”

He explained that in prison, he was in solitary confinement between December 2018 and 2019 and that “being isolated from proselytizing inmates made me think and that’s how I moved away from religion.”

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For Bardella, the “weakness” of the government “results” in these deaths

The “weakness” of the government and the policy it is pursuing “result in these deaths” like the tourist stabbed on Saturday evening in Paris, the president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella accused on Sunday, asking to “reopen the debate on security detention” .

“I deplore that the tragedies are repeated one after the other with systematically the same situations, the same individuals, the same profiles,” reacted Jordan Bardella on BFMTV.

The attacker pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group

The radical Islamist who killed a young German-Filipino tourist and injured two other people near the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Saturday evening pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) group in a video before his action, a the anti-terrorism prosecutor said on Sunday.

Speaking in Arabic in this video, Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab, a 26-year-old Franco-Iranian, provided “his support for the jihadists acting in different areas”, declared Jean-François Ricard at a press conference.

“This video was notably posted online on his X account (formerly Twitter)”, opened at the beginning of October and which included “numerous publications on Hamas, Gaza and more generally Palestine”, according to the magistrate.

Darmanin demands that the authorities can “request an injunction for treatment”

Gérald Darmanin demanded on Sunday evening that the authorities “can request an order for treatment” for a radicalized person being monitored for psychiatric disorders in order to prevent acts like that of the attacker of the Bir Hakeim bridge.

The Minister of the Interior spoke on TF1 after a meeting in Matignon devoted to security after this knife attack on Saturday evening which cost the life of a German-Filipino tourist and injured a British and a Frenchman .

Hello everyone

Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the fatal attack that occurred in Paris, Saturday December 2.

The suspect, aged 26, was arrested by the police after killing a German tourist and injuring two other people.

Gérald Darmanin is the guest of BFMTV-RMC at 8:30 a.m.

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