The armed man who caused the evacuation of a shopping center had a water gun

The Kalashnikov that a witness thought he recognized was in reality a water gun. The day after the emergency evacuation of the Village des Marques, a shopping center located in Villefontaine (Isère), the first elements of the investigation were communicated by the Vienna public prosecutor’s office.

The owner of the toy, an 18-year-old young man, was taken into custody for armed violence after spontaneously reporting to the police. The witness claimed to have seen “a man rob someone in the parking lot”, specifies prosecutor Audrey Quey.

A procedure closed without further action

“In police custody, he explained, just like his girlfriend, that they had played with a water gun in the parking lot and that the witness could have misunderstood the reality of the situation,” she underlines . And continued: “The fake weapon found in the vehicle was indeed a water gun. Police custody was lifted and the proceedings were dismissed. »

The alert was given late Tuesday afternoon following a “report sufficiently worrying to deploy the police,” according to the Isère prefecture. Customers and staff present in this “outlet” shopping center had been evacuated “peacefully”.

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