The amount of waste in Bavarian households is falling – Bavaria

People in Bavaria were economical when it came to household waste last year. The amount of waste per inhabitant fell by almost 45 kilograms to 462.2 kilograms in 2022 compared to the previous year, the State Office for the Environment (LfU) announced on Tuesday in Augsburg. Calculated 155 kilograms were residual waste, nine kilograms less than in 2021.

The reasons cited by the authority included changing lifestyle habits, which are influenced by rising costs of living and economic development. However, measures to avoid waste also resulted in a reduction in quantities. According to the balance sheet, recyclable materials, including glass, waste paper and packaging, made up the largest share at 165.8 kilograms. Last year it was 182.6 kilograms. In addition, last year, a calculated 141.5 kilograms of green waste and organic waste ended up in the bin per inhabitant (2021: 160.3 kilograms).

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