“Team Abdel”: The second season is coming in April

“Team Abdel”
The second season is coming out in April

Abdelkarim starts the second season of “Team Abdel”.

© WDR/Stefan Gregorowius

Abdelkarim starts the second season with his comedy format “Team Abdel”. The first episode can be seen in April.

Comedian Abdelkarim (40) will start the second season of his WDR show “Team Abdel” in April. The broadcaster announced this on Thursday. With the support of an international team, the comedian once again satirizes current topics. In the first episode, field reporter Daniele Rizzo (38) is looking for sensational stories from everyday life in Germany.

Variety of topics in “Team Abdel”

In addition, Abdelkarim investigates the phenomenon that nowadays everyone has well-intentioned advice ready – usually without being asked. Together with psychologist and author Leon Windscheid (33), he gets to the bottom of this topic. Another guest of Abdelkarim is the comedienne and medical student Gülcan Cetin (30), who educates about racism.

The six new episodes of “Team Abdel” can be seen from April 25, 2022 every Monday at 10:15 p.m. on WDR and from 6 p.m. in the ARD media library.


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