Taufkirchen encourages wind power cooperation – district of Munich

The municipality of Taufkirchen is open to cooperation with other municipalities on possible wind power projects. This was decided by the municipal council and the prospect of joining a working group was also announced. The reason for the decision are the efforts of the neighboring municipality of Unterhaching, which wants to have areas for wind turbines in the Perlacher and Grünwald forest examined. Patricia Friedlmeier, the climate protection manager in the Taufkirchner town hall, explained to the municipal council that this is a non-community area that is currently owned by the Bavarian State Forests. However, according to Mayor Ullrich Sander (independent), there are apparently considerations of granting certain areas to the municipalities so that they could possibly implement wind power projects there. Of course, the regional planning association, which wants to develop a plan with priority areas for the region, is decisive on this topic. The municipality of Taufkirchen has reported two areas in the forest west of the A8. According to information from the town hall, a profitability check of these areas is currently being processed.

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