“Tatort” today from Saarbrücken: Weidmannsheil – a ritual murderer is up to mischief

“Tatort” repetition from Saarbrücken
Waidmannsheil – in this thriller a ritual murderer is up to mischief

The student Jessi was murdered in the forest. The Saarbrücken “Tatort” team led by chief inspectors Leo Holz (Vladimir Burlakov left) and Adam Schürk (Daniel Sträßer) begins investigations.

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After the strong debut, the Saarbrücken “Tatort” team went a step further in its second case: “Der Herr des Waldes” tells the story of a serial killer that captivates – precisely because it has little reference to reality.

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  • The impression from the first case is confirmed: the new team from Saarland can do it

What’s the matter?

18-year-old Jessi is found dead in the woods. It has bite marks and has a twig in its mouth – this is how hunters used to prepare their dead game. Although there are some indications of a ritual murder, the Saarbrücken commissioners Leo Holz (Vladimir Burlakov left) and Adam Schürk (Daniel Sträßer) first investigate the victim’s school environment: the young woman had several admirers in her class. From the victim’s diary, investigators learn of a secret friend. Another lead leads them to a mysterious man who has been living in the forest for years. Since there have been similar acts in the past, they must assume a serial murder.

Why is this “crime scene” worthwhile?

Many good crime novels draw their strength from a high level of realism. “The Lord of the Forest” draws its attraction from precisely the opposite: the story about a ritual murderer is invented in the best sense of the word, the film incorporates a good piece of genre cinema.

What bothers?

Unfortunately, in this crime thriller, it can be predicted quite early on who the culprit is. The investigators have been following an obviously wrong lead for too long. So the surprise at the end is limited.

The commissioners?

The chief inspectors Leo Holz (Vladimir Burlakov left) and Adam Schürk (Daniel Sträßer) are still grappling with an old story: 15 years ago they beat Schürk’s father into a coma and then covered up the crime. Now the old gentleman wakes up again – and can’t remember anything. Or is it?

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Turn on or off?

If you want to escape the dreary everyday life for 90 minutes, this crime thriller is the place for you. Tune in!

The “Tatort” episode “Der Herr des Waldes” was first broadcast on April 5, 2021. ARD repeats the case on Friday, January 14 at 8:15 p.m

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