Talk at Maybrit Illner: “It all costs money” – media

First the gas surcharge, then the reduction in VAT – so what now? At the end of the talk with Greens leader Omid Nouripour and CDU parliamentary group leader Jens Spahn, there is one feeling: powerlessness. Or as one participant says: “It’s a very, very tiring time.”


Christopher Koopmann

As early as the “Heute” news at 7 p.m., one could have guessed that this ZDF television evening would not become easier in the further course. The reports at a glance: Because the federal government recently decided to have gas customers pay a gas levy to save the major gas suppliers, the value added tax on gas will be reduced after the EU Commission had previously decided that a complete cancellation of this tax would not be possible. Despite everything, it’s getting more expensive because the price of gas itself is going up immeasurably. You can move and steer as you want. Tune in for more on “Maybrit Illner” at 10:25 p.m.

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