SZ podcast “Munich personally”: restaurateur Michael Käfer about luxury – Munich

Michael Käfer is a busy restaurateur, he owns the Munich company Feinkost Käfer. If anywhere in the wide world of the rich and well-to-do a company wishes to dine fine, he is not far. He is a business economist and son of the gastro entrepreneur Gerd Käfer. In the mid-1980s, Michael Käfer opened the legendary P1 in the Haus der Kunst. His company now includes a large catering branch, the Käfer Wiesn-Schänke – and of course the delicatessen on Munich’s Prinzregentenstrasse.

There we get on bus 100, this is the museum line. Of course, talking to Michael Käfer is about money, delicacies and opulent parties. As well as questions like: How much luxury can there be in these times? What do people do at Christmas time? How does a delicatessen caterer experience the growing gap between rich and poor in the city? And why does the man everyone calls “Michi” refer to himself as a borrowed friend?

For the podcast of the Munich editorial team, the editor Sabine Buchwald, Ulrike Heidenreich and René Hofmann, the heads of the Munich, Region and Bavaria departments, pick up their guests at their place of residence or their place of work. They then travel their personal route by tram, bus, subway or S-Bahn, sometimes also by cycle rickshaw or taxi.

It’s about current projects and very personal plans, about topics that move the city. About your favorite book, your favorite restaurant, your favorite club. The SZ podcast team invites people who have a connection to Munich. You live in the city or you are visiting. They come from the fields of politics, gastronomy, culture, sports or media.

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