Survey: Dissatisfaction with Scholz and Ampel is greater than ever

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Dissatisfaction with Scholz and Ampel is greater than ever

Olaf Scholz has been Chancellor for two years – but few are satisfied with his work. photo

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Almost three quarters of those surveyed gave Scholz a poor rating in a survey. There is also great dissatisfaction with the government as a whole.

The According to a recent survey, dissatisfaction with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the traffic light coalition is greater than ever before in the two-year government of the SPD, Greens and FDP. 74 percent told the polling institute YouGov that Scholz was doing a very or rather bad job.

On the other hand, only 20 percent think his work is somewhat or very good. 73 percent were very or somewhat dissatisfied with the entire traffic light government and only 22 percent were very or somewhat satisfied. These are the worst values ​​in the monthly survey over the past two years.

Friday marked the second anniversary of the swearing in of the Chancellor and his government in the Bundestag. On Saturday, Scholz will speak to the 600 delegates at the SPD party conference.

The ARD “Germany Trend” published on Thursday came to similar results as YouGov: only 20 percent were still satisfied with the head of government’s work. According to the ARD, this was the worst value for a Federal Chancellor since the “Germany Trend” survey began in 1997.

Söder is favored as head of government

In the YouGov survey, 77 percent said they no longer had little or no trust in the Chancellor’s leadership. Even among SPD voters, 60 percent held this view.

The pollsters also asked which of twelve top politicians from all parties represented in the Bundestag they would most like to have as chancellor if they could choose. Only 5 percent named Scholz as their dream chancellor.

On the other hand, the Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU leader Markus Söder, who was favored as head of government by 15 percent of those surveyed, performed best. Behind them are AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel with 12 percent and Sarah Wagenknecht with 8 percent. Only FDP leader Christian Lindner (FDP), the Thuringian AfD leader Björn Höcke (2 percent) and Left Party leader Janine Wissler (1 percent) performed worse than Scholz in the survey. For the survey, YouGov surveyed 2,119 eligible voters in Germany between December 1st and 6th.


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