Students promote vaccination: police prevent protest at Dresden clinic

Students promote vaccination
Police prevent protest at Dresden clinic

The Saxon police face anti-measures protesters in Dresden with a large contingent. Lots of ads are posted. Meanwhile, students from the university hospital stand protectively around the site and promote the corona vaccination.

With a large contingent, the police prevented a demonstration against the Corona measures in Dresden in the evening. In several groups of the Telegram messenger service, a so-called walk was called for – starting near the university hospital, according to the police. Medical students positioned themselves protectively in front of the clinic grounds. They lined up in white coats and carried signs with inscriptions such as “Vaccinate instead of scolding” and “No power to the ruthless.”

The police were in action with numerous forces. The focus was on securing the university hospital and the Saxon state parliament, and a larger elevator through the city center should also be prevented. The police said there was a vehement influx of potential participants at the university hospital in the evening. The officers would have addressed them and thus prevented a larger elevator from forming.

Later, several groups were found in the city area. The police have identified the identities of more than 200 people and initiated proceedings against these administrative offenses for violating the Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance. In addition, three criminal charges for insult and three for resisting law enforcement officers were written.

At the moment, only demonstrations with a maximum of ten participants are permitted in Saxony. The police took down the personal details of a number of participants. At least 45 advertisements were recorded for violations of the Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance, as the police announced on Twitter.

The emergency services had completely secured the premises of the university clinic. Police cars were parked at every entrance, reported a dpa reporter. More than 1000 officers from Saxony and Thuringia and from the federal police were on duty. In addition, two water cannons and a Räumpanzer were deployed. A helicopter circled over the city.

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