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stern podcast “ÜberMerkel”: Listen to all previously released episodes here

in the starpodcast “ÜberMerkel”, companions look at the career of the ex-Chancellor. Find all released episodes here.

Angela Merkel was Chancellor for 16 years. The first. At the end of 2021 she resigned her post, now there is a man in office. What is left of her? What was she like, the chancellor? How is she as a boss, as a friend, as a feminist? For years, the story of Angela Merkel was mostly told by men. star– Editor-in-chief Anna-Beeke Gretemeier meets for the podcast “ÜberMerkel – Vertraute recounting” with companions of the former Chancellor – yes, only with women. The conversations show new perspectives and thus draw a very personal audio portrait.

Listen to all episodes of the stern podcast “ÜberMerkel” here

Here you can listen to all previously released episodes of “ÜberMerkel”:

“ÜberMerkel – Familiar stories” appears weekly on Tuesdays and is also on AudioNow, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and listen to it wherever there are podcasts. Here you will find more information and additional material for each episode.

“ÜberMerkel” is a podcast of the star. +++ Host: Anna-Beeke Gretemeier +++ Management: Isa von Heyl +++ Editing and scripts: Daniel Wüstenberg and Heiko Behr +++ Project coordination: Julia Lukaszewicz +++ Production and sound design: Wei Quan and Nicolas Femerling ++ + Research and fact checking: Melanie Moenig, Susan Molkenbuhr, Corinna Slotty and Saka Touré +++ Advice: Berni Mayer and Wakeword Studios +++ The podcast is an Audio Alliance production.


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