Snapchat, the first mobile app for 15-49 year olds, according to Médiamétrie

Filters “rabbit ears” and “stories” (ephemeral videos) still appeal to young people… But also their elders: Snapchat was the most visited mobile application among 15-49 year olds in January in France, according to data revealed Thursday by Médiamétrie and the social network.

Boosted for two years by the health context, the ghost network had 25 million monthly users in January, or 26% more than in 2020, and 17.9 million daily users, up 32% on the same period. All ages combined, Snapchat has thus become the 4th most visited application each day, behind Facebook (20.9 million), Google (18.4 million) and Whatsapp (18.2 million), but ahead of Messenger (16 million) and Instagram (14.9 million).

Among 15-49 year olds, the Californian firm dominates the top 10, with 12.9 million daily users, or 57% of Internet users in this age group, ahead of Facebook (12.3 million, 54%), Instagram (10.8 million, 47%) and Whatsapp (10.5 million, 46%), rival TikTok, owned by China’s ByteDance, in last place with 5.7 million daily users (25%).

The growth of “Snap” is “driven by people aged 35 and over”

Another lesson, the growth of “Snap” is “driven by those aged 35 and over”, even if a majority of users (34%) are between 15 and 24 years old. From 2020 to 2022, the number of daily users has increased by 62% among 35-49 year olds (4 million), and has even tripled among 50-65 year olds (2.5 million) and over 65 year olds (0.5 million).

This aging of the audience testifies to both a loyalty of the “snapchatters” of the first hour and a “recruitment” of new followers with the health crisis, explained David Sourenian, director of studies for Europe at Snapchat, during a press briefing. “We really saw an acceleration of uses on all messaging platforms during the first confinement” of 2020, added Bertrand Krug, from Médiamétrie, noting a “logic of addition where the French connected to several (…) networks to maintain the link” with their loved ones.

In addition to its playful photo filters, Snapchat relies on augmented reality to attract advertisers, as well as on content produced with around forty French media in its “Discover” section, frequented daily by half of its users. “Discover” will now be enhanced with a new format, “dynamic stories”, which allow automatic publications from content already created on the web by partner publishers, at “significantly lower costs”, according to a press release. 20 minutes is one of the media having invested in this format with “Oh my Fake” and “Ma tête et moi”, a program on the mental disorders of 15-24 year olds.

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