Small parties in Munich in the state election campaign: put pressure on, set topics – Munich

Vegans, science supporters, leftists, separatists: nine parties are involved in the state election campaign in Munich, although they are unlikely to exceed the five percent threshold. Who are you? And what drives them?

They hang on the street along the Westfriedhof. Posters can be found every few meters with inscriptions such as “Promote more renewable energies” or “Animal protection protects against pandemics!”. Michael Krämer, Secretary General of the Animal Protection Party in Bavaria and direct candidate in the Moosach constituency, has been on the road since the beginning of August to post posters in the north of Munich for the Bavarian state elections. He struggles with cable ties to give his party visibility. And this despite the fact that this, like other small parties, has little chance of actually entering the state parliament.

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