“Slapped” by an activist Lutte Ouvrière, a candidate LR files a complaint for a

An electoral panel in Nice for the departmental elections. (Drawing) – SYSPEO / SIPA

A poster collage that ends with a slap in the face. In a short video posted on Twitter by the mayor LR of L’Hay-les-Roses, an LR candidate for departmental in Arcueil in Val-de-Marne is jostled by an activist Lutte Ouvrière. Syndie Debarre yells at the filmmaker “call the police” as a person accompanying him pushes a man away.

“It’s only an election campaign, you don’t have to hit someone for a poster,” Syndie Debarre told the the Parisian, following this assault of which she claims to have been the victim on Wednesday afternoon. She maintains that Robert Larchet, an LO activist, “slapped her, twisted her arm and pulled her hair”. Syndie Debarre filed a complaint Thursday morning against this former candidate for municipal elections in 2020 in Arcueil.

Collage of posters and altercation

“Extremely shocked”, she thinks the trigger for this reaction would be the posters she was putting up for her campaign. The significant “media coverage” and “budget” enjoyed by LR candidates would have displeased Robert Larchet.

The LO activist gives his version of the facts in The Parisian and explains: “She was covering all the posters present, including mine. I explained to him that there was a tacit understanding here: we do not cover each other up. The latter refuses to speak of violence, evoking a “stampede”.

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