Sigmar Gabriel at Maybrit Illner: The everyday occurrence of war – media

Imagine it’s war – and you’re already talking about it like any other topic in the talk room: Illner’s horror is fading, the strong opinion is back – and an ex-foreign minister with a moderate sense of style.


Cornelius Pollmer

The horror has become commonplace, not only in Goslar. From there, Sigmar Gabriel joined the Broadcast by Maybrit Illner. For eight weeks, Illner has been dealing with the war, the horrific deaths of civilians, and millions of people fleeing inside and outside of Ukraine. Heavy TV hours. In the background of Sigmar Gabriel, however, people are bouncing through what looks like a restaurant. At first you can even hear crockery rattling. Yes, Gabriel was never a champion of style. But one can still wonder.

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