Shooting at Wuppertal school: Injured people are out of danger – Rhineland – News

These were dramatic minutes for the students at the Wuppertal high school. A 17-year-old high school student is said to have suddenly stabbed himself with a knife on Thursday. Five classmates are injured, two of them seriously. That’s what the public prosecutor’s office has to say WDR confirmed. The two seriously injured students are in the intensive care unit.

Letter probably indicates psychological problems

After stabbing his classmates, the suspected gunman is said to have stabbed himself in the chest. There is no longer any danger to life, says the responsible public prosecutor.

A letter from the alleged perpetrator was found at school on Friday. The police have so far neither wanted to confirm nor deny this. The letter could indicate major psychological problems for the student. The police and public prosecutor’s office have already confirmed the psychological problems. The police and public prosecutor’s office want to provide further details on Friday afternoon.

Teachers should also look after students

The school opened again on Friday. But there are no lessons. 30 psychologists are at the school to work through what happened with the students. The teachers also look after the students in the classes, says the headmistress.

The police speak of an amok attack. The Wuppertal public prosecutor’s office is conducting the investigation.

Police alarm system

When it comes to such acts, the police have a very intact alarm system, said NRW-Interior Minister Herbert Reul dem WDR. “We’re playing it safe, especially at schools, and it turns out it was a good thing because the perpetrator was caught.

“It was a sudden attack”

According to a teacher who was in the school building, the alleged attacker used a knife and scissors. ““It was a sudden, sudden attack,” the person said WDR. “He attacked students around him, sometimes even his friends, and ended up stabbing himself four times in the chest. A colleague overpowered him.”

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