Several members of the Biden government banned from entering the territory

On Red Square in Moscow, December 20, 2020. – SOPA Images / SIPA

Russia announced on Friday that it would ban US ministers of justice, internal security, the domestic policy adviser, the head of the FBI and the director of intelligence from entering its territory. In addition to Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, Susan Rice, Christopher Wray and Avril Haines, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it was applying the same measure to head of the prison office Michael Carvajal, to former Donald Trump adviser John Bolton and to the ‘Former CIA Chief Robert James Woolsey.

According to the ministry, these officials “participated in the implementation of the anti-Russian line” followed by American policy. He decided to make public the names of the people declared non gratae, a list usually secret, due to the “unprecedented nature” of the tensions caused by Washington.

Ten American diplomats expelled

Russia also announced that it would expel ten American diplomats in response to the sanctions taken the day before by the United States, adding to have “recommended” to the American ambassador in Moscow to return to Washington.

“Ten diplomats were included on the list that was given to us with the request that they leave the United States. We will respond to this measure reciprocally and ask ten American diplomats in Russia to leave our country, ”Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a press conference.

Sergey Lavrov also referred to a series of retaliatory measures such as the ban on American diplomatic representations in Russia from hiring Russians or citizens of countries other than the United States and a tightening of restrictions on the movement of diplomats. Americans on Russian territory.

End of the activities of American foundations and NGOs

“Another measure: we are going to restrict and put an end to the activities of American foundations and NGOs on our territory, which, in reality, openly interfere in our domestic political life,” he continued. The Russian foreign minister also assured that Moscow had “the possibility of taking painful measures for American companies”, but kept them “in reserve” for the moment.

Washington on Thursday announced a new wave of sanctions against Russia, in response to a series of acts it blames on it, including massive cyber attacks and interference in the US presidential election in November. Moscow for its part denies any involvement. These sanctions target in particular Russian sovereign debt.

US President Joe Biden nevertheless proposed earlier this week to his Russian counterpart a summit on neutral ground.

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