Scholz on migration: “A lot of people are nervous” – politics

When it comes to migration, the traffic lights have managed to go wrong again: While many municipalities are at their limits, the Greens and the FDP are bickering over the EU asylum compromise and border controls. Chancellor Scholz is calling on his comrades to go on the offensive.

Christian Dürr is standing in a walking position behind the yellow and white desk that is set up next to the door to the meeting room of the FDP parliamentary group, and it almost looks as if the Liberal parliamentary group leader is holding on. Which would be completely understandable, after all, the traffic lights have just gotten a bit wrong again. In his usual statement before the FDP parliamentary group meeting, Dürr then comes straight to the number one crisis issue of the moment. Migration, he says, has been shaping the debate for several weeks. District administrators and mayors can no longer keep up, the limit has been exceeded.

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