Satisfied with his return to Blue, Benzema wants to “win collective trophies”

Karim Benzema is satisfied with his return to the France team. “I find myself in the best conditions,” said the Real Madrid striker in an interview published this Saturday by France Soccer. He also believes that the trio formed with Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann works “better” than when he returned last summer to the Blues.

Returning just before the Euro, after more than five and a half years of absence, the French striker has established himself at the forefront of the tricolor attack, where his style of play accommodates the qualities of the other two attackers. “Anyway, so far it’s going well. I find myself in the best conditions, ”replies the 34-year-old center-forward, named best French player of the year 2021 by the magazine France Soccer, ahead of Mbappé and N’Golo Kanté.

KB19 wants to win again

“I hadn’t been here for almost six years, I had to touch, see, adapt. It didn’t take long. There, now, when one comes, the other takes depth, and vice versa. It’s better”, develops Benzema, sentenced in November to a suspended one-year prison sentence in “the sextape affair”, a decision which he appealed.

“With the good work he is doing, defensively in particular, sometimes he doesn’t have much time to project himself forward. But it is he who is at the first pass. He will bring other things than us. He must take the ball and feed, ”analyzes Benzema. The striker sees no limit to his game, “I just have to stay at this level,” he says. “Now we have to win collective trophies,” he said, making the World Cup his priority.

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