Sarina Nowak as “GNTM” juror: These candidates are also successful

Sarina Nowak as “GNTM” juror
These candidates are also successful

Sarina Nowak is a guest judge in this year’s “GNTM” season.

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Sarina Nowak is now a curvy model and works as a guest judge on “GNTM”. These former “GNTM” stars are also successful.

This year, Heidi Klum (48) is looking for “Germany’s next top model” for the 17th time. For the current season, the model mom brought back a former candidate as a guest judge: Sarina Nowak (28). She is now working as a curvy model and therefore fits well into the new image that “GNTM” wants to convey with more diversity. In 2009 she walked the catwalk herself on the show. However, the then 16-year-old looked very different. The curvy model now stands for body positivity and lives and works in Los Angeles.

In the past few seasons, candidates have repeatedly stood out who have become particularly successful after the show. These are the power women from “GNTM”.

The ambassadors

Season 4 winner Sara Nuru (32) is passionate about Ethiopia. With her work, the native of Erding helps local women to build a self-determined existence. In 2018, Nuru founded her non-profit association nuruWomen eV, which focuses on the advancement of women in emerging countries. In the same year she was appointed Ambassador for Fair Trade by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Anna Wilken (26) is also committed to an important issue: endometriosis. With 480,000 followers, she is an influencer and primarily uses her reach to educate more people about the still unexplored disease. The former “GNTM” candidate also wrote a book about it. “As a rule, I’m strong” is intended to help women with the disease. In addition, Wilken also speaks openly to her followers about the desire to have children that she has with her husband Sargis Adamyan (28). She also addresses her miscarriages to encourage other women.

The moderators

Lena Gercke (33) was the first to win the title in 2006. Since then, she has been an integral part of the German media landscape. Since the fifth season she has moderated “The Voice of Germany” alongside Thore Schölermann (37). Gercke, who also works as an entrepreneur, model and designer, made her relationship with director and film producer Dustin Schöne (36) public in 2020. Their daughter Zoe (1) was born in July 2020.

Rebecca Mir (30) made it to second place in 2011. The following year, she moderated the Oscars alongside Annemarie Carpendale (44). Since then she can be seen on “taff” on ProSieben. Even after her baby break, she returned to her usual format. In April 2021, the model had a son with his husband Massimo Sinató (41). The two met and fell in love during Mir’s participation in “Let’s Dance”.

The influencers

The 2014 winner, Stefanie Giesinger (25), is by far the most successful on Instagram. She shares her life with 4.3 million subscribers. She now sells various skin care products under the name “Moy”. She also launched her own fashion brand “nu-in” with her friend Marcus Butler (30).

With her 1.9 million followers, Anna Maria Damm (25) is also at the top of the list of “GNTM” influencers. The fifth-place finisher has built a career on YouTube and Instagram with her sister after competing in 2013. With her boyfriend Julian Gutjahr she had daughter Eliana in 2018. In 2020, she launched her own skincare line.

Fata Hasanovic (27), Anuthida Ploypetch (24) and Elena Carrière (25) each inspire more than 400,000 followers on their channels and are therefore still successful after “GNTM”.


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