Royals: New book “The Palace Papers” causes a stir

New Royal Book
Author calls Prince Andrew “underexposed” and speculates about a return of Prince Harry

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry at last year’s memorial service for Prince Philip

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A new book about the royals is causing a stir these days. During the promotional tour, author Tina Brown explains, among other things, why there is little chance of Meghan returning to Great Britain and blasphemes about Prince Andrew.

In her new book about the royals, “The Palace Papers”, author Tina Brown tries to look behind the walls of the palace. Her focus is – of course – also on the so-called “Megxit”, the exit of Harry and Meghan from royal working life.

Meghan and Harry: Megxit was a “disaster”

A “disaster for both sides”, she calls the decision of Prince Harry and his wife. “I actually think there’s a Harry-shaped hole in the royal family now. Harry was loved by the British people. And people adored Meghan when she came into the family,” Brown told the New York Times “.

The absence of the power couple is catastrophic for the royal family, explains the royal expert. “So it was very, very sad for everyone that it went so wrong because actually they need Harry and Meghan right now. They should see the Queen getting weaker and she is very frail. They need Harry and Meghan to bring that star power and be on the balcony at the anniversary. We need to have a royal family up there. We can’t have Andrew up there,” she explains.

Prince Andrew is stupid

But is there a chance of reconciliation? The expert also has an answer to this question. She believes Prince Harry could return to the UK to carry out his family duties following the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, but Meghan may not. According to Brown, the American never liked Britain. She therefore considers it impossible to return.

Princess Diana’s biographer leaves no good hair to Prince Andrew. “In a way I feel sorry for him. He’s definitely underexposed, there’s very little going on upstairs and he’s quite a dork,” she told Time magazine. “He certainly has no idea how he comes across in the world. Unfortunately, being intellectually dumb and being surrounded by suckers is a very bad combination. It so happened that he had no idea who he was and he absolutely has bad taste in people,” she said of Prince Charles’ younger brother.

Clear statements from the royal expert, who also emphasizes how lucky one can count that Prince Andrew is not the firstborn of the queen.

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