Rolls-Royce Specter: Silent luxury for half a million euros

Driving a Rolls-Royce is strange. It is a mixture of awe, majesty and naked fear. At least on a test drive. Because anyone who bumps into the 5.4 meter monster will see the banknotes fluttering away in their mind’s eye.

Despite this, the Rolls-Royce Specter is incredibly easy to drive. Because the luxury electric car not only relies on all-wheel drive and plenty of power, but also on all kinds of driving assistants and enough cameras to notice even the smallest curb early when maneuvering.

During a test drive of around 140 kilometers along the banks of Lake Tegernsee and through the Austrian mountains, it always felt safe and incredibly comfortable at the same time. No wonder: the test car, available on paper for around 550,000 euros, offered eight different massage programs at the push of a button and completely shut out the outside world with the Bespoke sound system and the expertly insulated interior.

You can see everything in a Rolls-Royce Specter, but you can’t necessarily hear it – apart from loud horns or sirens. Sometimes a loud shout would be heard in the small towns if someone had noticed the car and wanted to draw attention to themselves by waving. Somehow people expect someone worth greeting in a car like this. Just strange.

The Rolls-Royce Specter can go very fast, but it doesn’t suit it

The car itself is a wonderful vehicle. 584 hp and 900 Newton meters allow the heavy body, which is at least close to the three-ton limit, to sprint weightlessly from the spot. But you shouldn’t do this too often, as the range will of course suffer. While the V12 engine of a Phantom briefly consumes over 20 liters per 100 during kickdown, the Specter draws a correspondingly large amount of power.

If you drive civilly – or statesmanlike – the car achieves around 25 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. Then the battery is enough for over 400 kilometers, which, if you believe the company, exceeds the daily mileage of its select customers anyway. That’s how product expert Claudia Cowley explained it starat around 300 kilometers (here you can find out more about Rolls-Royce, its customers and the importance of the Specter first hand).

More than a car

The driving characteristics, the small trunk volume or the range are somehow not important with a Rolls-Royce. Sure, all the important parameters that make a very good car fit. That wasn’t what was meant. But you don’t measure yourself with performance data in the style of a car quartet, but sell the vehicle as a luxury good that sits on four tires.

Anyone who owns a Rolls-Royce (from 2003, when BMW took over) is entitled to register with Whispers, for example. This is a kind of social network where customers are provided with exclusive information, invitations and events. In addition, the company boss is available for chats and owners of the expensive cars can network with each other.

Part of this network also includes a concierge service that can be accessed via app or call. This helps, for example, with route planning or obtaining tickets for sold-out events at the destination. Whether electric or with a V12 – a Rolls-Royce is more than just a car. And too much for most people.

Transparency note: The test drive with the Rolls-Royce Specter took place at the invitation of the manufacturer.

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