Rockstar releases impressive GTA VI trailer and confirms launch period

Rockstar Games has released the trailer for GTA VI YouTube released, officially confirming that the open-world blockbuster will be released in 2025 – Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed whether in spring or autumn. It is also unclear on which platforms the game will appear and whether users of a PlayStation 5 (approx. 520 euros on Amazon), an Xbox Series X, a Nintendo Switch 2 or a PC can look forward to the game at launch remains to be seen.

Aside from the launch period, the trailer also proves that the next part of the series takes place in Vice City. For the first time in the history of the series, Rockstar Games is using a female protagonist, with Rockstar showing a couple, which may allow players to choose one of the two protagonists. The 90-second video has one main goal: to set the right mood, for which Rockstar Games demonstrates scenes with fancy lighting, fog, numerous animals and large groups of people.

Character models not only appear significantly more detailed than in GTA V, but are also animated much more realistically – hardly surprising, since the previous part of the series is now a decade old. Motorboats, fast cars, bars and parties, alligators, police operations and robberies – the open game world of Grand Theft Auto VI is once again well filled. In the trailer you can even see a kind of social network that can be accessed directly in the game.

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